Cedar Chaise Lounges

After we finished building our pool, we were excited for the fun part- shopping for pool furniture! Unfortunately, I was stopped in my online tracks when I realized I couldn’t find a decent chaise lounge for under $500- most of them were closer to $800-$1,200, and we needed two at minimum! If you have never shopped for outdoor furniture, it is outrageously expensive. Even the “cheap” stuff is expensive. We are cheap…and that’s why we DIY everything. Projects are fun, but they are typically a solution for saving money. At least in the beginning. After much debate over whether to buy or make chaise lounges, we decided to build our own. So the Pinterest search started for DIY chaise lounges. We found so many cool ideas and eventually used a lot of different inspiration designs to come up with our own custom design. In the end, these pieces turned out beautifully and we are really happy with the “craftsman” look. They took a lot of elbow grease, but then again that’s kind of the motto for woodworking. Time and effort. We get a lot of compliments on them and I think they tie in nicely to the whole design of the backyard and the other craftsman components, like the Cedar covered porch and lounge furniture.

Tutorial with all dimensions coming soon!

Checkout some backyard and chaise lounge design inspiration on my Patio-Backyard Pinterest Board

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