Fireplace & Mantle Makeover

Oh, the fireplace! This has been a point of discussion between me and my husband for almost two years. Our fireplace is HUGE! 20 feet wide by 9 feet tall, and one of the first things you see when walking into my house. It was a dull, dingy brown-red brick that blended in with the house. Being the creative visionary I’ve tried to convince my husband I am, I knew how amazing it would look if it “popped” and how great the transformation of our living would be. Our original plan was to reface the fireplace with stone. We never got a quote, but we estimated it would be somewhere in the ballpark of $3,000. It was on our list! The only problem was the 47 other DIY projects on our list as well. As you know, when updating a house, you can’t always do everything at once, and patience is a virtue. A virtue that I do NOT possess. I could no longer bear making eye contact with my fireplace. It was eating at me, and fast. I finally broke down and BEGGED my husband to let me paint the brick…just long enough to hold us over until we could reface it. My husband typically trusts my creative direction, but he is not a fan of painted brick. So in this case, it took a lot of convincing. He finally gave in after I made him look at hundreds of painted fireplaces on Pinterest. I think I just wore him out, but that’s still a win in my book. It took one nod from him and I had my fireplace brick made-over in a weekend. And guess what? He absolutely LOVES it. The creamy base with gray faux-finishing gave the final look a beautiful texture that kept it from looking like your typical painted fireplace. Some people can’t even tell the brick is painted. The fireplace is now a focal point as soon as you walk in. This makeover was supposed to be temporary, but I’m so happy with the way it turned out that I don’t know if we will reface it with stone after all. And the best part? The cost was around $50 for paint and supplies.

We didn’t tackle the mantle until after the fireplace was painted. Originally, we planned on using reclaimed wood for a heavy, rustic mantle. But after living with my bright fireplace for a couple of weeks, I really started to love the clean, uninterrupted façade. Nothing to interrupt the eye. We decided to build a mantle and paint it the same color as the fireplace. My whole design was based on this reclaimed wood mantle, so I really wasn’t sure whether I would like this new idea of a mantle that would blend in to the brick instead of standing out. But I LOVED it. I think I was so obsessed with my new bright fireplace that I just wanted to keep it bright and airy. The DIY mantle finishes the look perfectly. Definitely not our original plan, but sometimes it’s important to keep an open mind and let the design flow. It’s been six months and I still love the modern farmhouse style we ended up with.

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest Fireplace Makeovers.

Tutorials for both projects coming soon!

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