Macrame Wall Hanging

With 80’s macramé becoming a trend once again, I jumped on the bandwagon along with so many other DIY-ers looking for another creative outlet. I started with a small plant hanger using the common overhand knot, then graduated to a larger, more intricate plant hanger with a few of the  fancier macramé knots, like the “Square Knot” and “Half Knot” (which is half of a Square Knot). Once I got the hang of a couple basic knots, I was ready to attempt a Macramé Wall Hanging (I became obsessed after browsing through Pinterest). As it turns out, the execution is actually very simple and easy to learn. In fact, this entire wall hanging uses only the two knots mentioned above. The hardest parts were coming up with a design ahead of time without a pattern and undoing and redoing knots when I had a design change (or ten!). So, I kind of tackled it as I went, using different design elements from some of my favorites I found on Pinterest. Tying knots with yards of rope was tedious at times, but the final result left me with that proud feeling of accomplishment and over-excitement that gets me through each project I tackle. Not to mention the cost of materials for this wall hanging was under $20, compared to $150-$200 for the large ones on Etsy, which is exciting too!

Browse my Holy Macramé Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Tutorial coming soon!

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