DIY Outdoor Relax Sign

Need some outdoor art? Try plywood, sheet moss and some typography! After we built our covered porch in the backyard, I desperately wanted to add some greenery to the space; however, with 100% shade I have a hard time growing plants that can survive year-round. My solution was DIY Moss Art. This is an example of when Plan B became the final product. I originally wanted to use moss letter cutouts to place on the plywood. I used cardboard letters from the craft store to trace the letters I would later cut out of a sheet of craft moss. After I cut out the first letter, I got the idea for the recessed lettering using the remaining sheet of moss once all the letters were cut out, versus the letters themselves. And this idea became the final product. I used hot glue to attach the sheet of moss to the plywood, then framed the plywood to make the overall size larger. If you don’t have framing skills (yet!) or the tools, leaving the plywood unframed looks great too!

Tutorial coming soon!

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